Free widgets for Chaturbate streams

Increase your performance with our interactive tools. All widgets are free till 31 of February

How to start: Add your channel in the dashboard. Get a free trial by contacting us. Choose any widget, customize it. Get the code for OBS.

Free token goal

Just a free token goal for any purpose

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Play Youtube music for donations

This widget will play any video from Youtube sent in donation comment on stream. The viewer must type the name like this:

!! dance music



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Chat TTS

This widget will voice your chat on Chaturbate. It can voice moderators, fan club members and the owner separately. Choose the voice and language. How to test: enable "owner voicing" in widget settings and type something in chat before the stream.

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Stream countdown

That timer can be extended with donations.
How to test: type in chat before the stream: !test that will emulate 10 tokens tip.

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Spin wheel

Spin wheel will start for a certain amount of tokens and then hide. Add sectors in the dashboard. There are tags that can be applied to each sector in order to filter them. All results are saved in logs.
How to test: type this command in chat before stream:  !test

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Donation alerts

This widget will trigger various animations on donations. 4 different types. Check the video.

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